Monday, November 30, 2020

Marcel P. Black "ISOTBM: Deconstructed" #3 "God's Trombone" ft. D. Horton (Prod. by J Filly)

Today's episode is talking about one of my all time favorite songs in my catalog, "God's Trombone," featuring Atlanta by way of Mississippi emcee D. Horton, produced by my frequent collaborator J Filly.

I break down the inspiration & of songs concept, even taking time to dissect lyrics.

You can stream/buy "God's Trombone" here:


Saturday, November 28, 2020

My 2nd album "Black Collar" is now 6 years old!!!! (Video + Links Inside)

My 2nd solo album "Black Collar" dropped 6 years ago today on 11/28/14. Listen to me run my mouth about how "Trap Hop", the A3C Festival, Kevin Nottingham, and Chuck D all influenced the creation and success of this album.

You can stream/buy the LP @

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The "Black Soul" EP turns 9 today!!! (Audio/Video links inside)

For those who don't know, "Black Soul" maybe my favorite EP. It was my 4th solo release on 11/25/11, and it was super Black, super boom bap, super underground. It was the backpack rap that reflects who I am at the core. To celebrate it's 9th anniversay, I did a little behind the scenes audio recap which features to of my favorite songs from the project, "Henry Clay" & the title track "Black Soul."


The EP features guest verses by Thaione Davis & Marz The Superior, with production by Rick Flare, DLMA, Pro Prospek, Thaoine Davis, DJ Automatik, Joe On The Track, & J Filly.

I also released a video to the song "Fred Hampton," shot by Iboro Udoh.

Watch "Fred Hampton" video here.

You can stream/download the "Black Soul" EP here for free!!!

Monday, November 23, 2020

Marcel P. Black "ISOTBM: Deconstructed" #2 "Black Liberation Theology" W/ Coolout Chris

On this edition of "In Search of The Black Messiah: Deconstructed, I have a dope convo with legendary Chicago producer Coolout Chris about our song "Black Liberation Theology." We also discuss his musical resume, his recent collaborations, and so much more.

You can check out Coolout Chris @

You can stream/buy "Black Liberation Theology" below.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Really Outchea Podcast Really Outchea Podcast w/ Guest Alfred Banks - Episode #0

Mane... Welcome to the "Really Outchea Podcast," I'm your host, Marcel P. Black lol. So yeah, I decided to do a "pilot" episode with my brother Alfred Banks, and we kicked like we always do every other day. We talked about how we first met, crazy tour stories, played some old music we have together, the negative effect of the pandemic on his career as an indie touring artist, his new group SaxKixAve, & the importance of mental health. You can follow Alfred @: Facebook: Alfred Banks Instagram: @underdogcentral Twitter: @underdogcentral Bandcamp: New interviews online every Thursday beginning December 3rd, 2020. For all heads interested in being interviewed on the Really Outchea Podcast email your social media links, website, and youtube videos to for consideration.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Marcel P. Black "The Only Child EP" 12 Year Anniversary!!! (Bandcamp Link + Self Interview)

It's been 12 years to the day I released my first ever solo project, "The Only Child." After I left my group/label in February 2017, I kinda quit rap. I went to NYC to intern for the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, and got inspired to rap again. So I decided to make a super introspective back pack EP when everyone else was dropping beat jack mixtapes. 

I put this out, and didn't really push it because I felt it was too personal. I didn't know what I was doing, I just really wanted to express myself. Listen below.

Also, I interviewed myself. Read below.

The Only Child Of Hip-Hop (A Malcolm Clay Interview)....

In true only child fashion, since I don't have anyone to interview me, I will interview myself..... (hey when you've had to be your own entertainment to maintain sanity all your life, this is the type of ish you do).

Malcolm Clay: What's good Black? How you livin?

Marcel P. Black: Aww mane... Just chillin. Tryinna make these final touches to my project, and get everything ready for tomorrow.

MC: Oh yeah bra... Tell the people what’s going on tomorrow...

MPB: Mane bra... It’s going down tomorrow night ya dig. The Michael Foster Project, Soul By Demand Productions, DJ PK1, all coming live and direct from Chealsea’s CafĂ© at 10 PM, for the Capitol City Tee Party 2!!! Mane listen here, if you got comp time, take off Thursday, cuz they got 4 dollar Long Islands bra. I swear to God I saw some of the greatest fall last time we did it.
And I will be doing 2 small sets, and most importantly releasing my first solo EP, “The Only Child”.

MC: Cool, cool..... So yeah lets talk about this project. Off the top, where did you get the title “The Only Child” from?

MPB: I was born and raised by myself. I personally think that all of my most unique qualities, from my demons to my swagger, come from me being by myself. And that’s what I was tryinna convey with this particular project. One reason I named it that, is because the project is all about me. I consider myself an educated and well read brother, but this particular record I chose not to really go to far left, but instead just talk about me.

MC: So being an only child, does that mean your spoiled?

MPB: No not at all. I’m prolly one of the most giving people you will ever find. I mean just because I’m not talking about what’s going on in the world per say, I still feel like I articulate the struggles of a Black man very well on this record, but I’m pretty much just speaking in first person.
Another reason I named it “The Only Child” is because I feel like I’m one the only emcees left who really are honest in their music. Before I’m an artist, before I’m a die hard fan of Hip-Hop, before anything else, I’m a man. I come from a long line of strong Black men, so for me to be anybody or anything else is absurd.

MC: Very interesting... So for the people who may not be familiar with your background, briefly let them know who Marcel P. Black is.

MPB: A God fearing, loving, caring, intelligent, articulate, aggressive, educated, giving, Afro-centric young Brother who feels he is called to lead his people to freedom and peace of mind.

MC: That’s who you are as an artist or.......

MPB: Both. You see I don’t separate who I am as a man, and as an emcee. Oh yeah, and to go back to the original question... I’m straight from Ardmore, Oklahoma, westside all day, but you can find me in the eastside hallways. And you know I’m reppin my second home as well, that Big Raggedy ya dig. 22580 is in the house like a bedroom.

MC: Yes indeed... alright we’re running out of time... Quickly tell me more about the content of your cd.

MPB: Fasho... Well the EP has 5 songs, and they all have similar threads, but all different themes that serve one purpose. With this project, I want ya’ll to see what’s been going on in my head for the last year or so.
The first song on the project is “Hardbody”, a song which I start off the hook similar to a prayer saying, “Father protect me as I walk amongst the Hardbody/”... Like I wrote that when I was living in Mall City, and times was so hard. One day I was coming home from class at like 4 in the evening while it was raining, and I saw a coroner van on the corner of Harry and Donmoor. So I parked my Blazer, and went back to see what was going on, and had a whole conversation with a crackhead about what had just previously transpired. Listen to the first verse, you’ll see what I’m talkin bout.
The second song on the EP is called “All Hip-Hop”, which is just the anthem for all real fans of Hip-Hop, and real emcees alike. Songs like this are what makes my girlfriends jealous of my relationships with Hip-Hop. You don’t believe me, ask my ex.
The third song is called “Innocence”. It’s my “coming of age” record. I’m talking about growing up as an only child, the things that made me a man up untill now.
Track number 4 is “Why I Do It”. I think every emcee has that time when they feel like giving up. One day, I was just so frustrated with a situation that didn’t end in my favor, and I was venting to my little big brother/OG Donney Brasco about it. He told me that I shouldn’t give up, because I am talented, and my love for the art is to pure. So when I went home, I came up with the hook;
“If it wasn’t for the love of Hip-Hop/ Then I prolly wouldn’t do it, cuz I got nothing to lose here/ I’m from the bottom I got everything to gain/ So I’m praying I’m not doing this in vain/ I do it for love, I do it for life/ I do it for the people mane, I do this for Christ/ And no I’m not tryinna chase the fame/ I’m using music as a conduit to run away from pain/”
You feel me? That’s why I do it. I had to get back to what was important to me, and what I really am trying to accomplish as an artist.
The last track, and prolly one of my best records to date is “Trouble Man ‘08 (Dear Heavenly Father). I was listening to Marvin Gaye’s Trouble Man, and the “I come apart” line is the illest to me. Like the focus and energy of the artists of that time were amazing. Their songs were like conversations with a higher being. So I begin writing a prayer... “Dear heavenly I pray that/ You please stay by my side as I shakeback.../” and took it from there. I thinks it’s a powerful record. Like this is the song I listen to after a long night of fence straddling and sinnin’ and I get on my knees and I’m too ashamed to pray. When my mom, my ex, and one of my homies at the crib first heard it, all of them started crying. And I was like wow. My homie related it to the feeling you get when you haven’t went to church in a while, but that one Sunday you do go the preacher seems like he’s talking directly to you, and you leave feeling convicted in the spirit. By no means did I have any other intention but to speak to the Most High in the form of song, and the fact that it could possibly have that time of affect on people, even if it’s only three, further more motivates me, and reminds me that the talent I have is a divine blessing.

MC: Wow.... That’s powerful... So...

MPB: Wait, not to cut you off, I wanna finish up this thought. So the album is me beginning with a prayer about the physical battle of the world, then my love manifesto for Hip-Hop, to me realizing ish is real and what it’s like in the world, to me feeling defeating and wanting to give up, to ending with a prayer that reveals many of my demons and asks for God to help me find peace within myself. Like I said, me being an only child effects everything from my swagger to my demons, and here it is articulated via Hip-Hop on record. Does that make sense?

MC: Yeah man... that’s deep brother. One last question, then we gotta go for real bra (laughs). What is the most frustrating thing about being a positive rapper?

MPB: (laughs)... What you tryinna say I’ma sucker or something? (laughs). Nah fareal tho, the most frustrating thing about being myself on record, is that it seems the same things people like me for in person, they don’t really wanna hear that on record. Like people like that fact that I’m a good dude who is smart, God fearing, honest, a straight shooter, and unique, but it seems that’s not entertaining enough on record. People who know me well, know where I’m from, and the path I took to get here, and I feel like sometimes the people who appreciate for being a strong Black man, would prolly get behind me more if I was a gangster on record. Which wouldn’t be hard to do, given the facts, and plus I’m a smart dude who can do some fairly decent creative writing. And though it’s frustrating, I try not to get upset with man when dealing with things of the divine nature. The Most High knows my heart, and as long as he approves of what I’m doing, and uses me as a vessel to speak to those who are lost, and at the same time helping me to find myself, I’m cool.

MC: That’s real bra.... Yeah.... Anything else you wanna say to the people?

MPB: You can holla at me anytime and anywhere. I ain’t hard to find. After tomorrow night, you will be able to get a disc from me anytime you see me, just ask. Even if you don’t want a disc, come speak to me. I’m a man of the people. But if you do want one, call me or shoot me a text at 580-504-2559, or email me My Myspace is and my name on Facebook is Bryan Marcel Williams I. Rest in Peace Cohee and Swoopty Loc, and free Tajaray. Thank you for you time and God Bless.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Marcel P. Black "In Search of The Black Messiah: Deconstructed" #1 "Black Messiah"

So I decided to break down my latest album "In Search of the Black Messiah" song by song. Listen as I tell the motivations, inspirations, and details that went into creating the art. This week, I'm breaking down "Black Messiah," produced by EF Cuttin, video by The Works LLC.

You can stream/watch/buy "Black Messiah" below:

Friday, November 6, 2020

#1SongWednesdays (Friday Election Edition" "Hallelujah" aka "#FDT" (Produced by J Filly)

Yeah I know it's Friday, but #FDT.

Produced by J Filly from the 2017 "Seven" EP.

You can click below to buy/stream/watch on

You can also watch @:
IGTV: @marcelpblack
YouTube: MaroonMusic1