Friday, April 1, 2022

#BlackOutside Tour Dates!!!!

This time two years ago, I thought about leaving rap behind. I canceled all my tour dates due to covid, and lost my father the next day. I felt it wasn't worth it anymore. I was wrong. This time just a few months ago, I was worried that since it had been 2 years since I really toured, would people still care to see me on stage. Clearly I was wrong again.

Never again will I doubt my calling.

This summer, I'm #BlackOutside.

6.12- Shaskeen Pub (Manchester, NH)
6.13- Flask Lounge (Portland, ME)
6.14- WBRU360 (Providence, RI)
6.15- Nashua Gardens (Nashua, NH)
6.16- Troop (Providence, RI)
6.23- Starline Social Club (Oakland, CA)
6.24- Route 101 (San Francisco, CA)
6.30- Joe's Palm Room (Louisville, KY)
7.1- Carl's Tavern (New Haven, IN)
7.2- Club Above (Ann Arbor, MI)
7.5- Subterranean (Chicago, IL)
7.6- Mecca OTR (Cincinnati, OH)
7.12- World Famous (Athens, GA)*
7.13- Smith's Olde Bar (Atlanta, GA)*
7.14- The Nick (Birmingham, AL)*
7.15- Howlin' Wolf Porch (New Orleans, LA)*
7.16- Boom Boom Room (Lafayette, LA)*

(*w/ Alfred Banks)

Pull up when I come to your city.