Monday, October 25, 2021

Cesar Comanche & Poe Mack "A Plague" ft. Marcel P. Black (prod. by DJ Flash)

Ya'll know I love Justus League. Ya'll know I call Cesar "Sensai." Ya'll know Poe Mack is my big cousin. To be on this song, rappin' about slappin a 40 year old over vocal rapper means the world to me. S/o DJ Flash for the dope track.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Buy/Stream/Download "Everything iLuv" Here (on Bandcamp & all Major DSP's)!!!

Check out my latest album with producer J Filly, "Everything iLuv." It features additional production from Dosha Burna, Presha & Pobleeto, & BackPack Beatz. Guest features from Mark Dub, That Beast, Big Sant, and Alfred Banks.

Friday, September 10, 2021

"Everything iLuv" Podcast Song #10 "1.30.21" & Song #11 "Everything iLuv" (FINALE)

On the finally of the "Everything iLuv Podcast" series, I'm interviewed by my sis That Beast (who is featured on the album twice) about the songs "1.30.21" and the title track "Everything iLuv." This interview goes from sad to happy, and some lol. Thank you for everything who have taken time to peep the podcast, hopefully you have a good understanding where I was coming from now.

The album drops 914..21 on 

Click here to watch the "Everything iLuv Podcast" Finale

Thursday, September 9, 2021

On this episode, my bro Jamaal doubled back to interview me on the song "#Fatherhood" produced by J Filly. Two Black men who love & fight for their people talking about the insecurities of we have as parents. Heavy.

"Everything iLuv" drops 9.14.21 on


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

"Everything iLuv" Podcast Song #8 "Next Wednesday" w/ Dr. Jamila Williams

Once again, sat with Dr. Jamila Williams to discuss "Next Wednesday" (produced by J Filly). This convo was dope because I was interviewed by a psychologist/therapist about a song about a therapy session. Every insightful.

"Everything iLuv" drops 9/14/21 @


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

"Everything iLuv" Podcast Song #7 "Check On Ur Strong Friends" Interlude w/ Aflred Banks

This episode was heavy. I was interviewed by my bro Alfred Banks, who a performs on the skit entitled "Check On Ur Strong Friends" (Produced by J Filly}. This is a serious a deep break down of my mental health struggles during the period after my father passed, and all that came with it. Great conversation between too Black men on the importance of therapy and prioritizing mental health.

"Everything iLuv" drops 9.14.21 exclusively @


Monday, September 6, 2021

"Everything iLuv" Podcast Song #6 "Facebook Rant Pt. 2 (aka #BlackThoughts)" w/ Doc Asad

And we're back with the 2nd round of interviews, picking up with my man Doc Asad and I discussing the song "Facebook Rant Pt.2 (aka #BlackThoughts)" produced by J Filly This may be the longest episode bc I really break down my frustrations from my time in the Baton Rouge Hip-Hop community. Great talk, buku spicy.

"Everything iLuv" drops 9.14.21 on