Friday, November 15, 2019

Marcel P. Black "Black Messiah" (Music Video)

Here's the video to "Black Messiah," the lead of track to my album "In Search of The Black Messiah." The song was produced by E.F. Cuttin, shot/cut by The Works LLC on location in Jackson Mississippi.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Marcel P. Black "In Search of The Black Messiah" Album Release Party 11.1 @ Mid City Ballroom

On Friday November 1st, I returned to Baton Rouge for the last show on Phase 1 of my "In Search of The Black Messiah Tour" in which I was on the road for 12 shows in 15 days. It was great to come back home and rock for my friends and family. With performances by Mauley Sincyr, John Teller, and Noveliss (of Clear Soul Forces), with Sole Lab BR on the tables.

With Southern's homecoming, Nappy Roots, Juvenile, and freaking KANYE WEST in Baton Rouge the same time as my show, we still rocked out. Phosfiend interviewed me and we had a great convo.

Video shot & edited by WhiteDirt.

If you haven't heard the album, click here to listen/buy.