Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Marcel P.. Black #1SongWednesdays Week #3 "22580" (Produced by SoulCala)

This songs #1SongWednesdays performance is "22580" from the 2012 "1rst Born" EP produced entirely bySoulCala. This song is one of my most personal songs I've ever written, hearing it now makes me feel the same way I did when I wrote it in 2008.

or by clicking the video below.

You can also stream download there song here as well:

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Marcel P. Black #1SongWednesdays Week #2 "Stare & Whisper" (Prod. by Joe On The Track"

This weeks #1SongWednesdays song is "Stare & Whisper" (prod. by Joe On The Track) from the 2016 "Cry Freedom" album. It is my all time favorite song that I've ever done, and serving as a closer song when I perform it live.

You can watch it here on IGTV (@marcelpblack) on click the video below.

Download/Stream "Stare & Whisper" below:

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Young RJ & MegaRan "Black Is Beautiful" ft. Marcel P. Black, Eric Roberson, & Daru Jones

Young RJ of Slum Village and MegaRan have linked up and created a dope album called "2 Hands." I was blessed to be apart of the album on a song called "Black Is Beautiful," also featuring super soul singer Eric Roberson & Grammy award winning Daru Jones. This is the biggest project I've ever been apart of, and I'm super duper honored. 

You can stream the song on Spotify here, on Tidal here, as well as all other digital streaming platforms.

Here's the tracklisting below.

#1SongWednesdays Performance Week #1 "Henry Clay"

Every Wednesday, I will upload a new live performance of a different song every week. Fan favorites, personal favorites, songs deep in the discography that I haven't performed in years. This week's song is "Henry Clay" (Prod. by Prospek) from my 2011 EP "Black Soul."

You can click here and watch it on my IGTV or watch on YouTube below.

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Monday, May 4, 2020

#BlackThoughtsRadio S3:E5 "No Participation Trophies" Podcast/VLOG

Back after along hiatus, runnin' my mouth about how a sense of entitlement can stunt an artists career.

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