Friday, May 19, 2017

Marcel P. Black #15StatesOrBust Tour Blog #2

"Confession, I HATE PERFORMING IN BATON ROUGE!!! Not because I think I’m too big for BR, but bc the majority of the time I rap at home I have to put the show together myself. Between local rap politics and nobody being able to afford me, I only rap in BR like 6 times a yr, charity, opening up for someone with a bigger name, or if I do the show myself."

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Marcel P. Black Performance Hi Lo Lounge NoLa (3/19/17)

About two months ago I did a 2 day run in Tampa & St. Peterstburg, Florida. I left the venue at like 3 am in St. Pete, changed clothes, took a Lyft to the Tampa airport and flew back to New Orleans. Got back from NoLa to BR around 3 PM, only leave out again at 8 PM on a Sunday night to New Orleans for my li'l bro Alfred Bank's album release party. I was dog tired and had little to no voice left. The bill was filled with what I would call "Panda" aged emcees, and I'm the only one born in the 80's. Still I was able to persevere and take Hi-Hop to church this Sunday evening.

S/o to #FadeTheFlowSundaysAlunmi MeQuan for being my driver, videographer, director, editor, and solid @ss dude this evening.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Marcel P. Black #15StatesOrBust Tour Blog #1

From here on out, I will be blogging my show dates in conjunction with Here's an excerpt.

" He asked me was I tryinna party after my show, making a sniffing motion, implying that he had the coke for the low. Told him I was scraight. Then buddy said, in broken English, “You like Latin girls? Let me find you Latin girl to keep your belly warm.” My replay… “Nigga say what? Nah thug, I’m scraight, I’m happily married Papi.”

Keep my belly warm? Got damn lol. Niggas be cutting up in Miami huh? How the Lyft driver try to sell me blow and get me a Latin hooker to keep my “belly warm?” Mane these fools lit af in Miami!!!"

Click here to read the entire blog.