Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Marcel P. Black "In Search of The Black Messiah" (Album)

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! After a a little over a year and a half, I'm proud to present to you what I feel is my greatest contribution to the cultural legacy of Hip-Hop, my 12th project (4th full length album), "In Search of The Black Messiah."

I wanna say thank you to 5th Child for allowing me to come to his crib multiple weekends and sleep in his guest room while working on this album @ his house in Jackson, Mississippi. He executive produced it, engineered, mixed, & mastered the entire album, even produced a beat for me. I couldn't have done this LP without him.

Huge s/o to all my incredible guest features: Skyzoo, Noveliss, Big Sant, D. Horton, Mark Dub, Chen, Phosfiend, Milah T, and Cartoon Character. Ya'll played a huge role in making this incredible album.

Shout out to my A&R's too, my son Amari & my daugher Aamilah. They picked 8 of the beats on this album. If they didn't like the beats it didn't make it.

Thank you to Kira with The Works LLC for the artwork and music video for "Black Messiah." You are extrememely talented and a delight to work with.

S/o all the producers on the album: EF Cuttin, J Filly, Backpack Beatz, Donche', King Tall T, 5th Child, Tezz Did That, and DJ M80. Ya'll gave me the soundbed to tell the best story I've ever told on record, and I'll be forever greatful.

Thank you to my beautfiul wife Jessyca for all your support during this process, my parents for riding with me when times got tough, Alfred, Joe, Donney, Stephen, Mark, and all my other homies who every heard me vent about the struggles during this process.

Last but not least, all praises due to the Most High for allowing me to create something that has the capacity to touch lives. Music is my ministry, and I'm forever greatful to be able to engage in this culture/craft/artform to reach people.