Tuesday, October 27, 2020

#BlackThoughtsRadio Live Episode 1: "Growing Old In Hip-Hop" (Video & Audio)

Back with a new podcast recorded from Facebook live, discussing the nuances of growing old in Hip-Hop.

You can also check out the podcast/video on youtube.com/maroonmusic1 & mixcloud.com/blackthoughtsradio.

New album "In Search of The Black Messiah Deluxe Edition" now available @ marcelpblack.bandcamp.com.

You can also buy physical music/merch by clicking here.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Marcel P. Black "In Search of The Black Messiah: Deluxe Edition" Out Now!!!

 On the year anniversary of my album "In Search of The Black Messiah," I give you a "In Search of The Black Messiah: Deluxe Edition." ISOTBM Deluxe is ISOTBM plus 4 new songs which strengthen the storyline of the album in which I'm tryinna balance being a Black southern father/husband working in the community with young brothers & sisters in the streets, tryinna find the next "Black Messiah."