Friday, April 30, 2021

Marcel P. Black "Really Outchea Podcast" Ep. 11 w/ L.A.Z. of Clear Soul Forces

On this episode I was album I was able to catch up with my guy L.A.Z. of Clear Soul Forces and the Illaz and mane did we run it. We discussed how he first got into emceeing, the legendary Clear Soul Forces origin story, the tragedy & triumph behind CSF"s classic "Get No Better" record, his crew Da Illaz and much more. You can learn more about L.A.Z. @


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

#StoryTime with Marcel P. Black Episode #1: "Nigerian Flim Flam Artists"

Decided to tell the story of the time a Nigerian dude named Precious tried to use my name to scam my friend out of $2500 2 yrs ago.

Click here to watch Episode: #1


Friday, April 23, 2021

Marcel P. Black "Really Outchea Podcast" Ep. 10 w/ Quanstar


Mane, I sat down with my "big cousin," Compton born, ATL residing emcee/chef/tech genius/entrepreneur Quanstar, and man did we run it. We talked about his early days with Hip-Hop on the westcoast, his decision to move to Atlanta in the mid-90''s, his relationship with Dres The Beatnik, his new album "They Told Me This Would Sell," plus a lot more. You can check out everything Quanstar @

Monday, April 19, 2021

Marcel P. Black "In Search of The Black Messiah: Deconstructed" #11: Finale

"Conscious Rap 4 Gang Members" (Prod. by Joe On The Track)
"Fed's Watchin'" (Prod. by J Filly)
"Lawd Knows" (Prod. by J Filly)
"Until Then" (Prod. by Tezz Did That) 
"Over" (Prod. by DJ M80)
"Live For Me (Bounce Remix)" (Prod. by Dave Soul)

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Friday, April 16, 2021

Marcel P. Black "Really Outchea Podcast" Ep. 9 w/ Justin Ivey

In this episode I caught up with good friend Justin Ivey, a nationally recognized Hip-Hop journalist, and host of the new "Never Less Than Ill" Podcast. We talk about how he got into Hip-Hop journalism, his time working for Kevin Nottingham, why he left Hip-Hop DX, and his opinions on white people being guests in Hip-Hop. Great discussion!!!

You can stream the first episode of Never Less Than Ill here:


Friday, April 9, 2021

Marcel P. Black "Really Outchea Podcast" Ep. 8 w/ Dr. A.D. Carson


Mane, this convo was lit. I chopped it up with my guy Dr. A.D. Carson, a Hip-Hop Professor @ the University of Virginia, who first came to recognition after he successfully defended his PHD dissertation with a 34 track Hip-Hop mixtape. We talked about his life as an emcee coming up in Decatur, Illinois, his inspirations for making is dissertation a mixtape, his Hip-Hop and The Global South course @ UVA, and his most recent album "I Used To Love to Dream,: plus much more. 2 educators who love Hip-Hop nerding out... Good stuff.

Check out AD's work @