Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Marcel P. Black Performance Hi Lo Lounge NoLa (3/19/17)

About two months ago I did a 2 day run in Tampa & St. Peterstburg, Florida. I left the venue at like 3 am in St. Pete, changed clothes, took a Lyft to the Tampa airport and flew back to New Orleans. Got back from NoLa to BR around 3 PM, only leave out again at 8 PM on a Sunday night to New Orleans for my li'l bro Alfred Bank's album release party. I was dog tired and had little to no voice left. The bill was filled with what I would call "Panda" aged emcees, and I'm the only one born in the 80's. Still I was able to persevere and take Hi-Hop to church this Sunday evening.

S/o to #FadeTheFlowSundaysAlunmi MeQuan for being my driver, videographer, director, editor, and solid @ss dude this evening.

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