Thursday, November 19, 2020

Really Outchea Podcast Really Outchea Podcast w/ Guest Alfred Banks - Episode #0

Mane... Welcome to the "Really Outchea Podcast," I'm your host, Marcel P. Black lol. So yeah, I decided to do a "pilot" episode with my brother Alfred Banks, and we kicked like we always do every other day. We talked about how we first met, crazy tour stories, played some old music we have together, the negative effect of the pandemic on his career as an indie touring artist, his new group SaxKixAve, & the importance of mental health. You can follow Alfred @: Facebook: Alfred Banks Instagram: @underdogcentral Twitter: @underdogcentral Bandcamp: New interviews online every Thursday beginning December 3rd, 2020. For all heads interested in being interviewed on the Really Outchea Podcast email your social media links, website, and youtube videos to for consideration.

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