Thursday, June 1, 2023

Marcel P. Black & M Slago "Moor CLTR EP"

When me & Slago made "4Tha CLTR" it was after I had been traveling the country heavy, really finding those markets where underground Hip-Hop, specifically "back pack Hip-Hop" was king. I my last two releases were "Cry Freedom" & "Seven," both very political and aggressive. Knowing that "In Search of The Black Messiah" was gonna be in a similar vein, I decided to make "4Tha CLTR" very specifically about the culture of Hip-Hop.

So now we return 4 years later following up with "Moor CLTR," reminding folks that Hip-Hop music and culture IS Black music & culture. So we're giving you progressive, provocative, soulful, southern, back packer productions with Pro-Black, conscious, radical left, rhymes.

I was able to work with legends from small towns and metropolises alike, and we all got busy. Press play and feel the power...

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