Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Marcel P. Black "Fatt Boy Fresh" (Prod. by Joe On The Track) *2009*

Way before I found my voice as an emcee... Back when I had dreads, before I was married, before I had kids... Back when I was in college & used to live off of dollar menus & Long Island Iced teas. When it was cool for dudes to wear scarves & Rocawear jeans, I had an alter ego named "Fatt Boy Fresh." 

The year was 2009, I was 25 years old, and I was with all the smoke. This was my attempt with my guy Joe On The Track from Real Profit Ent. to make a "Baton Rouge song." While not quite a jigg record, it was something you could jigg too. Being that I'm bout to drop "Black God Fresh" tomorrow, I'd thought it be cool to drop this song today just to show (laugh at) my growth. 


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