Sunday, November 8, 2015

Marcel P. Black signs with Grand Union Media Group

If you know me, you know I've been on this indie grind for a long time, & I'm still a work in progress. I signed my first deal when I was 19, got out when I was 23. In 2013, I was offered 2 deals, neither of them came to fruition. 

Today, I gladly announce, that I Marcel P. Black, have decided to take my talents to Grand Union Media Group, an upstart media group designed to empower indie artists by taking their art around the globe. I will be releasing my next album thru them, and much much more.

In addition to myself, Grand Union Media Group has a roster of dope emcee's from all over the country including, Stik Figa, Fleetwood Fred, Jabee, Medaforacle, Cash Lansky, & Chopp, all representing the South, East Coast, West Coast, & Mid West respectively. Our debut compilation EP "Presents One" drops on Thanksgiving day on all online digital retailers. It will contain original music by all of the above mentioned artists, & boasts stellar production from underground heavyweights as such as Statik Selektah, Hannibal King, & J57.

Allah Mahabe....


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