Saturday, October 25, 2014

Listen to Marcel P. Black on Chuck D's radio show!!!

Marcel's first single from "Black Collar" titled "Live My Love" (prod. by TezzDidThatProdctions) was had selected by Public Enemy frontman and Hip-Hop legend to enter rotation on his internet radio station Not only did he play the record, listen as he bigs Marcel up, and reads his bio. You can listen to the replay right here, at the 25:38 min mark.


  1. AWÉSÖMÎÑGSZⁿ Marcel! I am listening to at this moment. I also enjoy Planet Earth Planet Rap (PEPR) Radio. I'm excited to hear your song in this episode! Hearing music from around the world is great! Thanks for sharing your song(s). ~ :D

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I'm glad you like it. Stay tuned for new music coming soon!!!